Wednesday, 31 August 2011

new products

In between having fun days out and stepping over the growing Lego mountain in my lounge, I have managed to get a bit of making done. I love the new cushion design in all its dotty splendour!

This is an example of my name canvases. These have evolved into what I think is a great product and I love chosing the fabrics and buttons to make them up. I offer customers a choice of fabrics and can usually accommodate any requests for their favourite colours.

I'm going to be doing a Christmas version of these canvases and if I ever get my laptop back into working order I'll be able to get on with them. Argh!

What have you been working on lately?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Surviving the school holidays - just!

Well how's it going so far? We are on the home stretch now and into the last week. Seven weeks is a long time! We have been having lots of fun and visiting places, Legoland included. We spent ages in miniland where the models of places around the world are. The space shuttle launch was worth waiting for according to my 6 year old.

Look at that! Megafobia - the best wooden rollercoaster in the UK, apparently! I'm not know for my love of rollercoasters but managed to brave this one at Oawood theme park. I even managed to totally scare myself silly by going on Speed.  My friend totally loved it and we had a great laugh at the photo of us together on the ride afterwards: I was looking terrified and she was screaming in delight. And, no, I didn't buy it!

We had a camping trip to the New Forest and took a look around Salisbury (photo of the cathedral cloisters above). The other half used to work in Salisbury so it was nice revisiting places for him and experiencing new ones for me. There are lots of wild horses in the New Forest and I had been going on about not leaving food in the tent. Needless to say I managed to forget my own rules and managed to wander off to watch the other half and my son playing frisbeee, leaving the door open to everyone. A little horse decided to wander into the tent and proceeded to lick the butter! The cheeky little thing's rear end was sticking out of the tent when I got back! Oh if only I had my camera.

There's less than a week left of the school holidays so we now have the usual mad scramble for new shoes and uniform. When he's back in school I'll be able to show you some of the things I've been working on. Fab new Christmas decoration designs, stockings and Christmas cards.

What have you been getting up to this summer? Tell me about your sunny holidays. I've forgotten what the sun looks like!

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