Tuesday, 27 December 2011

winter beaches

There's something quite invigorating about a visit to the beach in the UK. Dog walking, frisbee games, horse riding, running were just some of the activities going on today.

My favourite activity is seaglass hunting. I look for ages, until my eyes go funny from the concentration of searching for the smooth glass pieces amongst the pebbles. I would love to find beautiful pieces of driftwood but, as usual, there was none to be found. Today's measly driftwood hunt produced a miniature skateboard, one shoe insole and a plastic crate. I doubt I'll be creating any pieces of driftwood art from that lot!

My son's favourite activity is digging trenches in the sand with his Dad. They dig for hours making channels, pools and huge elaborate dams. Today's visit we were accompanied by my friend and her son so there was extra help on hand for digging duty. I let them get on with it; my husband is a structural engineer and my friend is an architect so you guarantee that it was a damn fine dam!

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