Tuesday, 6 September 2011

the ironman commeth!

Our town is looking forward to an ironman race, how exciting! The competitors have to complete a gruelling course starting with a 2.3 mile swim in the sea, followed by a 111 mile bike race and finishing off nicely with a full marathon run! I cannot believe that anyone is capable of completing those distances all in one race. We will be having the bike race come through our town so we will be watching them coming through.

The event is based in the pretty coastal town of Tenby and we will be heading down there too to watch the proceedings. I think it will be quite a spectacle to see all the competitors heading off into the sea for the swim leg of the race. How we will get down there is a mystery though as lots of roads are closed on race day so no doubt we will be taking the scenic route to get there!

My husband has recently started competing in triathalons and has been training hard all the time. At the moment he is only competing in the sprint distances (a shortened version of the race) and hopes to enter the full distance races next year. The amount of training involved to compete in even the short races is incredible so how these atheletes train for these long races is unimaginable!

I'll try and remember to take my camera with me and will hope to get a few photos of the crazy folk who are taking part in this crazy race. Meanwhile, I am attempting to get running better. Unfortunately I am still at the plodding stage!

Get all the info on Ironman Wales here


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