Wednesday, 28 March 2012

loving the little paris kitchen

Image from BBC website

Oh my, I love the new cookery show from the BBC 'The Little Paris Kitchen'. Rachel Khoo conjours up amazing food in a truly tiny kitchen. I often watch cookery programmes where they swan around in massive kitchens to die for. Well this kitchen is also to die for but in a teeny tiny way. Rachel even cooks on two tiny gas rings and uses a mini oven. It just goes to show that you don't need a big fancy kitchen to make delicious food.

We are currently up to week 2 and I'm sat there frantically scribbling down the recipes each week. Last week the boeuf bourguignon with baguette dumplings looked lovely, as did the chocolate lava cake (sadly the recipe isn't available online at the moment).

I often get into a food rut and seek out new recipes to try. And we are trying to our 7 year old to try new foods to widen his rather limited food choices. So I will take inspiration from whatever source I can find!

I love Paris. Or rather I love the idea of Paris! I have been twice so far and both trips weren't the best experience I have had! The first one was a business team building freebie trip.  Eurostar from London to Paris, overnight in a lovely hotel and back the next day. Which was fine except one of us got mugged on the Metro, then some of the group witnessed an armed robbery in progress! Then I made another trip some years later with my then boyfriend. He proceeded to spend much of the trip watching football on tv and was more interested in that than exploring the city. And our hotel was on the edge of the red light district which was a bit of an eye opener.

One day I might be lucky to go back and have a nice time!

spring lamb stew

There are currently 4 of Rachel's recipes available online here and you can watch previous programmes on iPlayer here.


  1. That chocolate lava cake was amazing wasn't it? She's an amazing cook. I've only been through Paris (went to the Eiffel tower at 3am) rather than to Paris and I'd love to go properly one day.

    1. Let me know if you try any of her recipes Mags. I've bought some trout today which was most probably influenced by this programme.

  2. I've also been really enjoying this programme.. We've had the bread dumplings and they were yummy and I've also been injection lemon curd in to everything! ha.

    1. I was going to try the bread dumplings, so I'm pleased you say they turn out nice. thanks!

  3. Nigella Lawson has a wonderful chocolate lava cake recipe online, easy!


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