Monday, 21 April 2014

days out in pembrokeshire: national trust stackpole estate

The weather has been wonderful here this Easter so we have been out and about the local area exploring. The wild garlic in the woods at Stackpole was everywhere. Stackpole is a National Trust site with extensive woodlands, lakes with an abundance of wildlife including resident otters and a beautiful beach at Broad Haven South.  
There is a pair of swans nesting right next to the footpath which makes for easy access photography!  Just as well because I didn't have a zoom lens with me today.  The swans must be quite used to people and dogs because the path is widely used and they hardly reacted to us being there.
This view is up towards the estate from the Eight Arch Bridge where the otters like to appear from time to time. Sadly we didn't see them today, maybe next time. We have spotted them before so we know that they are usually about.


The greenery was waking up from the long winter slumber. Almost as if it was unfurling itself before our eyes. It was quite a show.
The bluebells also put on a good show as usual. This time of year is ideal to be visiting wooded areas in the UK with nature bursting out at the seams at every turn. The Stackpole Estate is just one part of Pembrokeshire worth a trip to visit. I'll be coming back soon with photos of other things to do in the area. Let me know if you have any gems which a worth a visit!

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