Sunday, 4 July 2010

Thank you!

I've been busy sewing up some sweet little lavender filled hearts just perfect for teacher's end of term gifts. Personally, I think they deserve a medal for teaching our little darlings. My son loves his school so I'd like to show my appreciation to the teaching staff in his class.
His teacher is male so I'm not sure that these are suitable so I'm going to get my son to draw his teacher then I will transfer the drawing to an embroidery and make a little coaster out of it. He's only 5 (my son, not the teacher!) so the drawing will be super cute. Hopefully the teacher will use it with his morning cuppa.

I think I might keep some of these to send to my friends. I think you can never have enough lavender smellies to pop into your undie drawer to keep it smelling lovely :-)

Hello to my new followers, thanks for popping by!


  1. These are lovley and will make a welcome change from the best teacher mugs they must get all the time! Beautiful.
    Kandi x

  2. These are so sweet Nadine and such a good idea - wish i had thought of that before setting of on the trail of making cupcakes and cookies in jars!!. How did you do the tahnkyou? Is it done with photo transfer paper? x

  3. Hi Kandi and Tina, thanks for your comments. I bought cotton ribbon with the words printed on it already. I would have used transfer paper but I don't have an inkjet printer and I think they don't work with laser printers?

  4. What a really nice idea. One I'm sure the teachers will appreciate, use and remember you by.
    Scented satchets are the best small present to give - I've got loads going back for years and just add a dab of scented oil every so often to refreshen.


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