Sunday, 16 October 2011

it's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Things are getting busy here at nellie dean towers.  Web orders, Facebook orders and a big shop order to complete. Exciting times indeed! I appreciate all of them, so thank you.

These personalised Christmas stockings were a big hit last year. I loved stitching each one, taking customer comments into account to ensure that they were what the customer had in mind. Each one features a mixture of new and vintage glass buttons, hand embroidery, applique, cotton tape and trims. Not to mention a fab selection of vintage, upcycled and new fabrics from my stash.  Each one is entirely unique and, I hope, made to treasure for years to come.

My son is 6 and at this age his drawings are super cute.  I thought it would be lovely to have a way of preserving them so I transferred the image to fabric and stitched over it. Hey presto, one unique Christmas tree decoration! You just have to love a snowman with big slitty eyes.

OK, it is Sunday night and the usual round of homework, reading and uniforms beckons. I hope you have enjoyed me sharing some of my Christmas goodies with you. If you are interested in buying some of them, they are available on my website


  1. Oh the snowman with slitty eyes is adorable, what a lovely idea to personalise it - you could start a whole range that way, people love things like that which use their children's drawings, they would be a big hit! Beautiful stockings too, no wonder they are popular! xxx

  2. Great christmas makes :o) This post got me singing "Its beginning to look a lot like christmas".

    Just noticed on your profile you said you would love to see the Killer live - ive been lucky enough to see them twice and my god they are amazing to watch. Scarlett x

  3. What a great idea putting his picture onto and hanging. Love the Stockings too.

  4. Love the snowman, what a great idea


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