Tuesday, 22 November 2011

picton castle christmas market

After a last minute cancellation I have decided to take my goodies to sell at the Christmas market in Picton Castle near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. I'll be bringing my selection of Christmas stockings, decorations (including cinnamon scented stars and hearts which smell amazing!) and a selection of gifts.

I went to the previous Christmas market held last year and it was lovely. The castle is a perfect setting and the rooms are decorated in a Victorian style. Unfortunately last year I didn't manage to get a photo of the tree. It looked beautiful covered in traditional decorations including dried orange slices and cinammon sticks.

These photos from last year don't do it justice really. I should have taken photos in the woodland walk, the majestic driveway, the beautiful entrance gates, etc... But I was on a tight schedule and had to get my stall set up before the masses came. Maybe this year I'll get to have a quick run round those too.

The accoustics in these circular rooms are very odd (last year my stall was in a room the same shape as this one and located opposite it). When you stand in the centre of the room and someone stands at the edge and speaks it is as if the sound is being amplified. This kept wierding me out last year, thought my ears were going funny a few times!

This year you will find me in the undercroft though, not in the upstairs room. If you are in Pembrokeshire and looking for something to do this weekend I hope you pop along. Picton Castle have their own website with details of other events which are happening there.

Right, back to the massive pile of things to do in order to prepare in time. Wish me luck!

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