Saturday, 30 March 2013

chalkboard art

Lately I've been obsessed with chalkboard art. I've spent many hours on Pinterest looking up beautiful creations. It all started with the Little Baby Garvin blog. Every week Jessica would chart the progress of her pregnancy with these marvellous chalkboards. She draws (chalks?) all her artwork freehand. She has a tutorial on her blog, just click either of the links above and you'll find it from there.

It wasn't long before I came across the work of artist Dana Tanamachi.  Her work is truly beautiful.

This piece which she created for a wedding is fab. How fun would it be to try this? I mean, all you need is a mahoosive piece of hardboard,a tin of chalkboard paint and Bob's your uncle, lol! Although I suspect that if I tried I would create something similar to a child's chalkboard drawing!

I've got to have a go. I have a great chalkboard which I made from an old framed print. I painted the gold coloured frame white, removed the print and glass, and then painted the backing board in aqua chalkboard paint. I'll post the results after I've had a practice (or two!).

Have you tried chalkboard art? Any tips for a total beginner??

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