Tuesday, 10 January 2012

365 photo challenge - day 10: tenby beach houses

Today was the last day of the school Christmas holidays so we spent a few hours in Tenby. It was a beautiful afternoon with a setting sun, empty beaches, no wind and no rain - result! I love these houses which back onto the beach. What a fab location and beautiful gardens too.

I also took the above photo which very nearly made it as today's main shot. It has lots of features I like: sunset - check, pretty sea view - check, interesting street furniture - check. But in my haste to get one more photo before jumping in the car meant that I dind't notice the great big bin and pole slap bang in the middle of the shot. What a numpty! But I do love a bit of solar flare, I'm definitely going to try and capture that again. Next time without the ugly interloper in shot.

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  1. Hehe it's still a nice picture, can you not just crop them out and use the side with the sea and the railings? I would so love to live by the beach, those houses look lovely! x


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