Sunday, 8 January 2012

365 photo challenge - day 8: sunday morning dog walk

A Sunday morning dog walk in the woods. It was a beautiful walk as it wasn't raining, for a change! I heard 2 woodpeckers tapping away to each other, as well as lots of birds chirping away. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of one of the woodpeckers as I don't have a telephoto lens and my wildlife photography is pretty poor! I only managed to get the dog in shot because I bribed her with dog treats (see the little orange and green things between my feet).


  1. Is that a Schnauzer? Lovely picture. I'm enjoying following this 365 day challenge, you've set yourself a very high standard so far!

  2. Yes Mags, she's a mini schnauzer (in desperate need of a haircut I might add). Please don't expect updates everyday, no doubt the posts will tail off soon to more random updates. Amazed I've done 8 consecutive daily posts so far.

  3. I have a mini schnauzer in desperate need of a haircut too (aren't they always?!) Adorable. If in doubt on the photo challenge, post pictures of the dog! ;-)


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