Monday, 9 January 2012

365 photo challenge - day 9: experiments in beverages

I'm cutting back on my caffeine intake and as a coffee addict (no wonder I have so many Dowe Egberts coffee jars!) it has been hard! I've rediscovered peppermint tea and tonight decided to mix peppermint tea and hot chocolate. The result was quite nice - a bit like a hot minty Aero.

I've also been experimenting with the effects on Picnik.  The one I have applied is 1960s, not sure if I like it though. My iPhone is not working properly at the moment and I'm missing the Instagram and Hipstamatic apps.
PS. I know, I need to get out more!


  1. Now I know I'm a bit biased ;) , but if you switch to real coffee made in a cafetiere, you'll lower your caffeine intake too..... they put extra caffeine in freeze-dried coffee when they make it. (Instant coffee actually gives me the shakes if I have more than one cup). But peppermint tea is very nice too!

  2. Your tea/hot choc combo sounds delicious - and so much nicer than instant coffee!


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