Monday, 13 February 2012

corners of my home

Come in, the fire is lit and the kettle is on! It is miserable weather out there so I thought I'd show you a few corners of my home. Coming up we have a Lego Minifigure display shelf DIY in progress, vintage French magazine adverts and a fab way to stop nosey parkers peering into your house.

Starting off with the woodburner stove. As you can see it is a proper stove which is used regularly so there's plenty of dust and newspapers lying around. In the summer it looks alot prettier when it is not in use! There's nothing better than loading it up and lighting it.

This rather abract photo is of one side of the bay window. As we have no front garden, the bay window is positioned right on the pavement for all passers by to nosey in. I'm not a fan of net curtains and wanted something to give us some privacy. I made some voile panels to hang but wasn't totally happy with them. I then found Brume film featured in a magazine. It is a great product - enter in your window measurements and decide what pattern or shape you'd like and they send you made to measure film to attach to your window. It was a bit hair raising attaching it, especially to the larger window as you have to ensure that there are no air bubbles at all. We attached the film to the 3 windows and I think it looks great. No more passers by nosing in on us in our lounge. Well, apart from one man who pressed his nose right up to the little squares and peered through. Cheeky so and so!

Moving up the stairs we have a series of vintage French magazine pages which we bought from a brocante street market in Brittany. They only cost 60 cents each and I have no idea what most of them say as my French vocabularly is somewhat limited. I really need to learn more French though because if I'm to visit another brocante again I need to be able to at least ask the stall holder how much things cost! I think the above magazine page is an advert for soap? This one is my favourite - I think these ladies look fab.

This is a project in waiting. A nic nack shelf bought from a car boot sale last summer for £2 which I'm going to paint and turn into a display shelf for my son's Lego. At the moment it is looking a little unloved and full of dust with a Lego Star Wars stormtrooper taking residence. There is also a pebble which my son has decorated to turn into an owl. He did loads of these last summer but not just owls, there were dogs too. I don't know where he got the idea from, on tv I expect.

Watch this space as I will post a photo of the Lego Minifigure display shelf when it is completed. One day, I promise!

So there we go, a few photos of my home which I wanted to share with you. I'll do some more once I have tidied up!


  1. Great pictures! I love woodburning stoves, we are planning to install afireplace eventually but i'd prefer a stove! Our house would suit a fireplace more though!!

    1. We had an open fire at the last house (and an Aga *sobs*) and I much prefer a stove. I need to trawl the auction houses for a nice fire surround for ours as it looks odd without one.

  2. I have an almost identical woodburning stove (with attendant dust and newspapers too!) I'm so jealous of that nic nack shelf. I've been looking for something like that for ages. £2! I'm obviously going to the wrong car boot sales. I can't wait to see it when it's finished.

    1. I was actually looking for a printer's tray but doubt I'll find one of those at a car boot sale!


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