Sunday, 5 February 2012

winter walks, thrifty finds and a burst of sunshine

Whilst the rest of the UK was covered in a blanket of snow, here in west Wales we had none. It rained all day Saturday and then on Sunday it promised to stay dry so we headed out to the local woods.

It was lovely down there, nice and cold with no wind or rain. Not many other dog walkers out either so lovely and quiet. After the walk we had to dash back home so the other half could watch the rugby.

Look what greeted us on our return? Yes folks, the sun made a rare appearance. Rather fleetingly it must be said but I have photographic proof that it happened. I also have photographic proof that the hallway was clear of piles of school paperwork, odd gloves and other random odds and sods of family life.

The mirror is a fab thrifted find: a vintage bevelled edge mirror and only £3 at the car boot sale. The chain is a little short though and the mirror hangs a little high for my short legs. I can only see my eyebrows and above when I stand in front of it. Maybe I should look for a little stool at the next car boot sale?

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  1. Oh to have no snow!!!! Love your mirror, A girl must look after her eyebrows!!!


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