Friday, 3 February 2012

playing catchup

Well, what happened to January? I started off so well but then life happened and things went a bit wonky for a while. Various hospital visits, one general anesthetic and one overnight stay are thankfully behind me. I tried my best to carry on like everything was OK but I'm admitting defeat. I missed two days in the photo challenge so I'm officially retiring from the 365 photo challenge. It was good while it lasted!

So, not to dwell on negative things we are moving onwards and upwards! I've been relearning some settings on the camera and can now custom set the white balance. Cue one homemade blueberry muffin and my Desperate Housewife mug. I know, life on the edge eh? Now I need to save up for a new lens. I would like a macro lens, no idea how much they are though so I could be some time saving.

I've been venturing back into the workroom and catching up on making some items. This brooch is my latest creation, quite sweet I think. Just right for Valentine's Day.  I've got a shop order for some more coloured chalkboards and I'll show you those soon, they are awaiting some finishing touches.

And I couldn't resist making another felt heart. This one has some simple embroidery on it. I think I'll hang it on the mirror in the bedroom.

Happy weekend everyone!

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