Tuesday, 14 February 2012

easy valentine's tutorial

Here is an easy Valentine's Day tutorial to do with the kids. You don't need much in the way of supplies or equipment and it is quick to do. In only a few steps you will have this garland to hang on a shelf for Valentine's Day.

You will need pink and red card, heart template, pencil, scissors, hole punch and string or twine.

Lightly draw around the heart template with pencil onto the card.

Cut out your heart. I used deckle edged scissors to get a wavy line but you can use normal ones if you prefer.

Hole punch a hole on either side.  You could take more time than us and get the holes to line up of course. My 7 year old did the punching on this one.

Cut out 2 pink hearts and 2 of the red.

You are nearly finished, just need to decide what to thread the hearts on to. You could use thin ribbon, twine or string. I have used bakers twine in a beautiful aqua colour. I love bakers twine and it comes in loads of colours. It doesn't fray, so that is definitely a bonus! You can buy it from all sorts of places now, I bought mine from Etsy.

Your garland is now finished, all ready to hang!

I told you it was easy, and quick enough project for the kids to do without getting bored.  You could make it more detailed by embellishing each heart or writing 'L O V E' on each one. I left ours just plain.

Let me know if you make a heart garland, I'd love to see your creations.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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