Friday, 27 May 2011


I'm having problems logging into Blogger and therefore I can't post up the details of the giveaway. I am posting this from my phone and don't fancy doing a full post on this tiny keyboard!

Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly. Hang on in there! If it's any consolation this extra time is giving me time to think of extra goodies to include :-)

EDIT: Yee har, I'm in! Thanks to the lovely Jenny for suggesting that I use a different browser. Happy days!


  1. I know someone else was having problems with accessing blogger too, but they downloaded a different browser and they were able to log on fine again. Maybe give that a go? (I'm using firefox if that's any help and it's working fine for me at mo -touch wood!!) xx

  2. Thanks Jenny, I'm in. You're a star :o)


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