Sunday, 8 May 2011

Narberth - Britain's best shopping street?

Google has placed my town in the short list for the best shopping street in Britain. How exciting is that? Google Street View Awards are a celebration of Britain's best streets, to be voted for in a nationwide poll.

Photo credit Hight Street UK

An expert panel put the shortlist together, including some great movers and shakers in the world of tv, magazines, tourism and newspapers. Narberth has a thriving High Street and we have superb selection of independent shops. There are boutiques, homewares, antiques, bridal, gifts, etc. We also have two butchers, two grocery shops, two delis and many more, far too many to mention. My particular favourites are Pretty Lovely lingerie shop, White Boutique and White Bride, The Golden Sheaf Gallery and Canvas and Cloth.

In addition to the long list of great shops, we also have a varied selection of cafes, restaurants and pubs. Two sisters Plum and Vanilla run their cafe, Plum Vanilla, serving an interesting range of homemade food. What a great name for a great cafe!

Photo credit: White Boutique

It is wonderful that Narberth is at last getting the recognition that it deserves. I think it is one of the best towns in Pembrokeshire but some may say that I'm biased because I live here! We have a thriving live music scene, popular winter and summer carnivals and a food festival which is a foodies heaven! Narberth has real character, unlike many towns in Britain which, sadly, are failing and struggling to fight against out of town shopping centres. Let's hear it for independent shops and the High Streets of Britain!

Voting closes on 22nd May and the winners will be announced in June. Fingers crossed we win.

Place your vote here!


  1. How great for your town to be nominated, and imagine what a celebration there would be if it won!! Lovely to see independant little towns getting such recognition xx

  2. Thanks Jenny. I just hope the local council and newspaper get behind the nomination and help us to get some more votes.

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  4. Hi Gem, thanks for the follow and comment. I'm sorry I thought I was following you but I think I only had you on my Google Reader subscribe list. Still getting the hang of this blogging lark. Still making plenty of mistakes!


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