Tuesday, 17 May 2011

vintage fair - a first for Pembrokeshire!

I'm doing my first vintage fair on Saturday, eek! I have seen how popular they are in other parts of the UK but this, I believe, is the first one being held in Pembrokeshire.  I'm busy making more vintage tea cup candles, including some new scented and coloured ones. All very exciting!  My products are a mix of new, vintage and upcylced materials so hopefully there will be something on offer for everyone to enjoy.

I originally made tea cup candles for my wedding reception and I must say they looked great. Especially when teamed with old tea pots, jugs and coffee pots being used as vases. The flowers were beautiful spring flowers and I thought tied in with the simple vintage style very well. I still have the tea pots, etc so I'll take them along too and pop them on the stall.  I have a beautiful old fashioned black Bakelite telephone with a dial on the front. It isn't for sale but I might take it along as a prop. It is beautiful and it works too, bonus!

If you are in Haverfordwest on Saturday please pop along! Albany Hall, Hill Street. 10am to 2pm. Tea and cake also being served. Free entry!


  1. Sounds like a lovely event and I should think the tea cup candles will be very popular, good luck with it.

  2. Thanks, I'm still deciding what to take. Argh!

  3. How wonderful for the vintage fair to visit Pembrokeshire for the first time. My local vintage fair is in York, it's paid for entry and each time I go the price seems to go up but it is still very popular.
    Hope you did well with your stall.


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