Tuesday, 24 May 2011

giveaway news and craft fair essentials

I thought it was high time we had a little giveaway on this blog! I have a few things put aside and will be posting a blog post about it later in the week. I have had some good luck with Facebook giveaways and blog competitions last week so I thought I'd return the favour in my own small way.

Come back later to find out what goodies are on offer and follow the blog to enter!

Do you like my craft fair money apron?  I've been meaning to make one of these for so long and it took a fellow craft fair trader requesting one for me to actually get round to it. You can of course buy these commercially but I wanted a pretty apron to keep my cash safe and not lying in a tin on the table. I have included a pocket to insert business cards and a separate section for pens. Then there are two generously sized pockets for cash and note books, etc.

These are available to buy from my Folksy shop here Let me know what you think about them!


  1. Will look out for your giveaway, I seem to be on a lucky streak too at the mo, hehe! The money apron is great, can see it would be so useful and very pretty too! xx

  2. What a fab idea!! If I ever build up the courage to do a fair it will be in one of these!
    Kandi x

  3. I have a craft fair apron too! I only made it as a prototype (so mine is awful) as a friend had requested a 'peg bag'. It cost so much to make though I decided not to sell them - but after getting compliments on my 'craft fair apron' at a recent craft fair, I've made a 'cut price' version lol! They are SO handy at fairs - and like you say, much better than having a cash tin on the desk :)

    Sam x

    ps Looking forward to the giveaway!


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