Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bobble Bunting

My bobble bunting continues to be popular. It has been recently featured in a blog on Folksy Folksy bunting blog.  I was delighted to be featured as my shop hadn't been open that long. 

Today I was delighted again to see it featured on the blog by Viv at Poppy Sparkles It was great to see my work alongside some great examples of bunting.

The bobble bunting is available to buy from my Folksy shop.



  1. It's gorgeous. I was out walking with a friend today and we were both saying how much we love bunting and how happy it makes us feel looking at it. Are we sad? !! x

  2. Yay well done you! It's simply divine :)
    Kandi x

  3. Thanks! Cheap2Chic you're not sad, I'm just the same so maybe that makes me sad too? I thought people would be all bunting'd out after the royal wedding but I suppose not!


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